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The Importance Of Statistics In Research by Lexa Data Group

Enhance your clinical investigations with Innovative trial designs in order to obtain scientifically sound and interpretable results without wasting resources in terms of time and money. Lexa Data Group will assist you with the interpretation of the results of your studies. Contact us to learn more about statistics in research and our statistical services.

Statistical Services

Get professional guidance with your clinical study design, using innovative statistical methodologies.

We will be there with you at the beginning to ensure that the study is designed using innovative statistical techniques, and proper outcome measures are collected so the results can be interpretable. We will provide the followings at

Study Level:

·    Guidance in the selection of outcome measures
·    Guidance in the selection of the appropriate study design
·    Sample size Computation
·    Preparation of randomization list
·    Preparation of the statistical section in study protocol
·    Development of statistical analysis plan
·    Perform dry runs approximately four weeks before data base lock
·    Assist medical writers in interpreting the analysis results in clinical study reports.

Researchers, Statistical Services

Submission Level:

·    Guidance in the preparation of the NDA messaging
·    Preparation of the ISS Statistical Analysis Plan
·    Preparation of the ISE Statistical Analysis Plan

Areas of Expertise

At Lexa Data Group we have extensive experience in Regulatory Submissions. We specialize in the following therapeutic areas:

• Oncology
• Infectious Diseases
• GI Diseases

• Cardio Vascular Diseases
• Autoimmune Diseases